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Welcome to Collective Care, a one-of-a-kind rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol addiction and a mental healthcare center created and managed by licensed, qualified clinical psychologists.

Experience the best treatment for addiction and mental health issues based on scientific principles and research-backed therapies.

We aim to be the best rehab in India by breaking the norms and placing a high value on tried and tested psychological therapies and techniques to design a personalized treatment program for our clients.

Mental healthcare centers and rehabs in India follow the traditional system of being run by medical professionals or people who have survived addiction or other mental health issues. Hence, the treatment becomes medication oriented or focused on the Twelve Step Program (Alcoholics Anonymous/ Narcotics Anonymous). Both can be immensely valuable but are incomplete without psychotherapy.

Collective Care aims to provide a creative combination of all of these approaches with an emphasis on scientifically proven modes of treatment. Our focus on empathetic therapy, skill training, support groups, and family counselling ensures a high chance of recovery from mental health issues.

Let's begin!

Our vision

Addiction recovery is not just about eliminating illness but also about rediscovering one's sense of purpose and personal growth.

We have put our heads together and developed a structured and sustainable treatment approach founded on a thorough scientific understanding of addiction and related mental health issues. Our vision is to have a rehabilitation center that focuses on therapeutic interventions instead of outdated approaches to treatment.

Recovery should be voluntary and focused on holistic healing of all aspects of a person. We aim to treat the individual, not just the illness.
Our long-term goal is to reform mental health care, make it accessible, and create a blend of tried and tested techniques and radical, new-age ideas to help our clients achieve their needs and goals.

Why choose us?

Going through mental health issues is difficult for the individual and their family, and we want to make this experience as easy and efficient as possible. We observed that the overused traditional rehabilitation systems were outdated with regard to keeping up with the current global standards of mental healthcare. They put the person and their families through undue stress and did not give the desired results. Here's how we make your journey of recovery and self-discovery easier.


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